Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Log Blog- All things baby

While this blog was intended for all things crafty, lately my life has been taken over by all things baby!  Our little girl isn't even here yet and already she is consuming all my "free" time.  From baby showers to maternity shoots, and the nursery to Lamaze class, life has been a bit crazy.  Because a picture is worth a thousand word, I thought it would be best to just show you what we have been up to rather than tell you, don't worry I dont have any pictures from Lamaze class!!
But because there are no pictures, lets review what we learned before we get to the good stuff... First off all the "he he whoooo, he he whoooo," was so last year!  Now it is all about deep calming breaths.  During which time, husband is supposed to say soothing words to keep you calm and breathing.  My husband choose, "breath woman."  This lead to the discussion after class of things he will not be saying while I am in labor.  Next up was massage techniques, which lasted throughout the day and was quite wonderful.  We even had to give our husband a massage, which Rob noted as his favorite part of the class on our sheet at the end of the day.  Perfect, the only thing he took away from the class, was that he likes massages, tell me something I didn't already know.  Now onto the pain medications.  Apparently women in labor are so incredibly scary pain meds are handed out like candy.  And while I was all for the epidural at first, loosing all feeling in my legs, unable to roll over, a needle the size of grandmothers knitting needles and the possibility of my labor lasting hours longer, have started to change my opinion on the matter.  And lastly, I had assumed that modesty kind of went of window when you are in labor, but even I was taken aback when we watched a video of a naked woman down on all fours give birth to a child!  This also lead to the discussion that no matter how much pain I am in, please do not let me deliver our child like this!!
Are you still with me?  Or have you skipped down to pictures of happier times? I don't blame you!!  All that said, here is what we have been up to lately. 
Pictures of the shower and maternity shoot provided by my dear friend Miss Sarah Raelle....

 And finally the nearly finished nursery....

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  1. You are too funny Moe. When I get preggers I'll be sure to cal you for words of wisdom! Love all the crafts and pictures...keep em coming!