Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Log Blog- Mobile

I knew I wanted a mobile for miss Bellamie's room, but found the overpriced, yet cheap looking ones you can buy from the store rather tacky.  So yet again I turned to the internet.  When I first started looking I found some cute ones on Etsy but at $50 a pop, decided to keep looking.  It wasnt long before I forgot entirely about the mobile, I blame it on the preggo brain, as I do with everything else, when my gal Martha stepped in yet again.  While I absolutely LOVE the way my mobile turned out, and it matches the room perfectly, I do NOT recommended making one!!  It took forever!!!!  But if you dont like your fingerprints much anyway (hot glue is best friend and worse enemy) and you want to blow an entire Sunday afternoon, here is how I made it...

Miss Martha told me to use armature wire to make branches... I still dont know what armature wire is but I found some wire in the flower section at Jo-Anns and covered it with brown floral tape.
I made three different branches and hooked them all together.

Next (and you will have to go to her website to download the template) cut out your birds from heavy scrapbook paper.
Now you can waste a good hour of you Sunday using your cricut cutter to cut out a billion little flowers, or buy a flower punch at your local craft store.  The only bonus to using the cricut, you can cut flowers in various sizes.
Then, glue your flowers to your branches.
Finally, (and once again not in Martha style cuz one Martha isnt married and two I am sure she used some fancy-mancy wire) ask your husband to dig out some of his fishing line he doesnt use and string your birds from your branches...
Stand back and enjoy your work... dont you love how well it matches the tree!
And while I LOVE how this turned out, I bet you are thinking the tacky, plastic mobiles from the store aren't sounding half bad!!

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