Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short and Sweets- Butterfly Cupcakes

This is the first installment of my short and sweets, short blog entries on all my homemade sweets. 
Ask anyone who knows me, I have always had a sweet tooth.  So I jump at any opportunity to make some sort of baked good.  This past week was bittersweet as our Office Administrator but in her notice.  Of course, instantly I thought, what will I bake on her last day.  The first  thing that came to mind, cupcakes!!  Perfect for the office, easy to eat and no utensils required!!  
Butterfly cupcakes are so easy and perfect for adults to kiddos!
All you need is your favorite cake batter. (prepare as directed on box)
Vanilla frosting...

Two pretzels for wings...

Mix some of your vanilla frosting with food coloring, put into a sandwich baggie, cut the end and make a line down the center.  Add an m&m for a head and wallah, butterfly cupcakes!
I recommend making these the same day you plan to serve them, as the pretzels tend to soak up the moisture from the frosting.
Happy Baking!

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