Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung... Sort of

Oh Spring, how I love thee.  Or should I say the concept of Spring… Flowers blooming, birds chirping, soft pastel colors, cute flowy dresses awwww.  Then I remember I am in Oregon and “Spring” is just a warmer, but nearly as wet winter.  But, since I cant enjoy Spring outdoors, I thought it best to sprucen up my indoors and enjoy Spring to its fullest!
First stop the dollar store, for some much needed wreath making supplies.

I hot glued the flowers to the wreath.  Now if you havent figured it out yet, I love my hot glue gun!!
I also happen to love my Cricut Cutter and use it any change I get.
I then hot glued this paper to the wreath which was horrible idea, but since I think I have already burnt my fingerprints off my fingers, (my hot glue gun does not seem to love me back) there was no harm done.
And tada...

And what is Spring without Easter...
I HATE clutter and this the most cluttered place in my house, but I cant bare the thought of choosing which of the pictures to take off this table, so cluttered it shall stay...
So bring on the rain, I will just enjoy Spring inside for now...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Log Blog- A Flowering Nursery

As soon as we found out we were expecting, I started googling ideas for the nursery.  Oh the possibilities were endless!  Maybe we should have a carousel, or a princess castle, how about a cowboy ranch with real horses, oh how a baby would love that!!  Back to reality, and a much more real "budget" (oh how I love that word!) I came across a beautiful painting of a flowering tree. For some reason I was convinced we were having a boy, but book marked my tree anyway.  When the day came and we were told there was a "pretty, little princess" in my belly I nearly shrieked.  Oh the outfits I could I buy and the bows for her hair, and alas I could paint my beautiful flowering tree!
After our appointment I made another appointment of sorts, the one were my mom comes up for the weekend and helps me paint, dragging my dad and youngest brother in toe.
The room that I had for so long neglected after buying our house was a dark blue, so first on the to do list, find a light shade of green.
While I felt I had things under control, apparently I was oh so wrong, so dad "taught" me how to paint "better"

The room only took a couple hours and one coat.  The following morning, mom and I got up bright and early to hit Jo-Anns for some much needed tree painting supplies.  Upon, arriving home we put off free handing a dark brown tree on our beautiful, newly painted green wall.  A large sprite and a sandwich later, I built up the courage to start painting.  And was quite pleased with the result.
Next simple branches were added.
Then we used a stencil we found at Fred Meyer for $1.50 (take that budget)!!  To add some flowers
Finally I hot glued flowers, also purchased at Jo-Anns for a pop of color and 3D effect.
The nursery is no where near complete, but I have quite a feeling of accomplishment and look forward to the next few months of shopping for furniture... on a "budget"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Wear Me"

Us girls love to accessorize, am I  right?  And with four jewelry boxes you would think I could be the queen of accessories... How wrong  you are.  Not only can I never find a matching pair of earrings, if my jewelry is right in front me, jumping up and down, screaming, "wear me!!" It never gets worn. Thus, I decided I had to find a way to display my earrings, without just laying every pair on my bathroom countertop.
First, I found an old picture frame and took out the picture, glass and back....
Next I used the canvas my not so little, but younger brother got me for Christmas, and painted a "tree"
I then hot glued flowers that you can find at any crafts store. And glued the canvas into my frame
All ready for my earrings to be hung!
This project was super easy, I used only things I already had around the house, ie FREE!! and I love the way it turned it!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding Inspiration

I love reading blogs.  From crafts, DYI, room makeovers, food and photography, I find inspiration in all of them.  I often find myself saying, I could totally do that, then never actually trying.  My hope is that this blog pushes me to actually do all those things I tell myself I want to do.  And if I inspire someone to do the same, total bonus!  
A little about me.  I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married almost 3 years.  We recently found out we are expecting a baby girl, and while I couldnt be more excited, I think my husband is terrified.  My daily life isnt all too exciting but I try to find simple treasures in it. 
Follow me as I tackle the nursery, work on turning our house into a home, try new recipes and fail horribly, learn what the word "budget" means and work on the endless list of projects I have.