Monday, May 27, 2013

Silhouette: Super easy DIY

From the first ultra sound I fell in love with Bell's profile and yesterday as we were snuggled on my bed watching cartoons, I couldn't stop looking at her.  Those big eyes with super long lashes, chubby little cheeks and pouty lips.  They grow up so fast and I knew I wanted to capture that adorable little face forever.  So I snapped a quick pic, and decided on making a silhouette...oh friends how I love the way it turned out.
To make your own of your littles follow these easy peasy steps.

First off distract your little with their favorite movie ;)  ok but seriously try to snap a profile pic of one year old without them moving it takes some sort of MAJOR distraction.

 Step Two: Use a thick marker to outline their cute little face.  (can you see where Bellamie "helped") and cut it out

Last trace your picture onto thick cardstock and cut it out.  Glue to some pretty scrapbook paper and tada instant adorableness!!! xoxox

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think I always knew...

She moved to Oregon in the middle of the 8th grade. He had grown up there his whole life.  She was loud and outgoing, and enjoyed being center of attention.  He was quiet and more reserved, but very funny and friends with everyone.  Each caught up in their own teenage world, with sports and friends consuming most of their time, they never had a chance to get know each other.  And while they had never spoke, she would steal glances at him during class, never telling a sole how cute she thought he was.
They both attended an overnight field trip and when one of her friends showed interest in him, she immediately told her, he was off limits, though the two had yet still to speak.  Through school activities their mothers became dear friends, though the two teenagers kept their distance.  Finally they went on their first date, and the movie reel broke before the film even started.  Both embarrassed they didn't try for another.
But as some call it, destiny (or maybe it was just the persistent girl) was determined to bring the two together.  They were both invited to a party, one in which was a long drive up a curvy road and the girls mother insisted the boy drive her.  It was at that party the boy held the girl's hand and the girl fell in love.
It has been over 11 years since the boy didn't just take the girls hand, but also stole her heart, and five years of marriage. They now have a beautiful little girl and a baby boy on the way and while it isn't always pretty, it has been a real life fairy tale.
Happy Anniversary my love, I love you more now than I did then, but I think I always knew you were the one.

Monday, May 13, 2013


This weekend I came across the most amazing blog called nap time decorator. In the past year alone she has transformed her kitchen, dining room and family room!! I was blown away and started talking paint colors with the hubs when he reminded me, I haven't quite completed the nursery and little mister is due in just a few more weeks!!! So instead of tackling my entire bedroom I decided to start small and clean out the pantry and a couple cabinets.

And now that I've tackled the clutter it's time to shop for some containers and chalkboard labels!!! Yay

Also inspiring were nap times decorator's monthly craft parties with her girlfriends!!! Hoping to get a couple girlfriends together soon and actually making a craft or two I've pinned on Pinterest, oh I don't know a year ago and never got around to! Maybe something with chalkboard paint, or a wreath, oh maybe some decorating of mugs!!! The possibilities are endless.

And finally, this week expect little misters nursery to be up on the blog!! Getting the dresser this Wednesday and making the bed skirt! Yay!!