Monday, May 13, 2013


This weekend I came across the most amazing blog called nap time decorator. In the past year alone she has transformed her kitchen, dining room and family room!! I was blown away and started talking paint colors with the hubs when he reminded me, I haven't quite completed the nursery and little mister is due in just a few more weeks!!! So instead of tackling my entire bedroom I decided to start small and clean out the pantry and a couple cabinets.

And now that I've tackled the clutter it's time to shop for some containers and chalkboard labels!!! Yay

Also inspiring were nap times decorator's monthly craft parties with her girlfriends!!! Hoping to get a couple girlfriends together soon and actually making a craft or two I've pinned on Pinterest, oh I don't know a year ago and never got around to! Maybe something with chalkboard paint, or a wreath, oh maybe some decorating of mugs!!! The possibilities are endless.

And finally, this week expect little misters nursery to be up on the blog!! Getting the dresser this Wednesday and making the bed skirt! Yay!!

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