Monday, May 27, 2013

Silhouette: Super easy DIY

From the first ultra sound I fell in love with Bell's profile and yesterday as we were snuggled on my bed watching cartoons, I couldn't stop looking at her.  Those big eyes with super long lashes, chubby little cheeks and pouty lips.  They grow up so fast and I knew I wanted to capture that adorable little face forever.  So I snapped a quick pic, and decided on making a silhouette...oh friends how I love the way it turned out.
To make your own of your littles follow these easy peasy steps.

First off distract your little with their favorite movie ;)  ok but seriously try to snap a profile pic of one year old without them moving it takes some sort of MAJOR distraction.

 Step Two: Use a thick marker to outline their cute little face.  (can you see where Bellamie "helped") and cut it out

Last trace your picture onto thick cardstock and cut it out.  Glue to some pretty scrapbook paper and tada instant adorableness!!! xoxox

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