Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dressing Your Bump

I am by no means a fashionista, as a matter of fact there are several trends I avoid like the plague.  For example you wont see me sporting anything neon unless it is nail polish or work out attire  and we all know how often I work out.  Secondly, I wouldn't be caught dead in any sort of cropped top.  It isn't that you teeny tiny girlies don't look adorable in your teeny tiny tops, trust me you do and I would kill for your little waist, but lets face it, I would most likely end up on the "people of Walmart" posts, captioned "She's so fat she must have gotten hungry and ate half her shirt."  And lastly I will not be rocking the ombre hair trend.  Again incredibly adorable on all of you sporting the trendy style, I however rocked blonde locks for many many years and paid bookoo bucks to avoid "grow out," even all these years later I just cant justify spending bookoo bucks for a look I worked so long to avoid.
That said, this being my second pregnancy, I feel like I have gained some knowledge on dressing this ever growing bump.  My number one rule is tight on bottom, lose on top or vice versa.  I have been lucky thus far to only be growing my bump and going easy on my thighs.  However, if I dress in a moomoo, no matter how comfy, I look like well a "moo moo."  Also, if I dress in head to toe spandex, not only would I be incredibly uncomfortable, but I probably look even more like a "moo moo" just add spots. I only have two other rules, comfort is key and avoid sweatpants and baggy shirts at least twice a week ;).  Ok the first one is for obvious reason, and the second, no matter how you gross you are feeling during those last days, weeks or months of pregnancy, taking a shower and putting on a little makeup will truly make you feel better.
And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of the recent outfits I have rocked...

First off, Maxi's are my new BFF and I totally ordered this in two colors!  Notice how the crop jacket on top also gives the look a little more structure.

I love this look for one reason, none of it is maternity, meaning I didn't spend a dime on maternity clothes, and can rock this same look long after I stop rocking the bump ;)  My advice, don't spend your life savings on maternity clothes, find pieces that are comfortable and already in your closet.

Adding a belt helps define your belly and avoid that "moo moo" look

Love this flowy top from Motherhood again, just don't also go with flowy pants or you will appear much larger than you are.

If you are going to wearing spandex pants, pair it with a longer shirt or you too may end up on the "people of Walmart" with me
And lastly, it is totally ok to sport sweatshirts when it is cold out, more often than that I am wearing one, just make sure you are comfortable and rocking it with good fitting jeans.

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