Sunday, March 3, 2013

The simple treasures of a weekend

I'm always sad when Sunday evening rolls around but I must say, we had a fabulous weekend!!  From crafting to going to the park, it was nonstop fun.  Here's what we were up to...

Went shopping while the hubs watched Miss Bell and FINALLY got fabrics to start little man's room.
Finished Little Quinn's first birthday outfit!!

Made Miss Bell a dress.  My FIRST solo sewing project ever.  Pretty pleased with the result. (PS first fabric flower ever also and SUPER easy!!)

Daddy shot hoops at the park while we played on the playground

Miss Bell took a nap and I enjoyed snuggle time while finally watching Breaking Dawn 2

And we got our order from Old Navy, Maxis for me and a dress for Bell

All and all a great weekend!! What did you do?

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