Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung... Sort of

Oh Spring, how I love thee.  Or should I say the concept of Spring… Flowers blooming, birds chirping, soft pastel colors, cute flowy dresses awwww.  Then I remember I am in Oregon and “Spring” is just a warmer, but nearly as wet winter.  But, since I cant enjoy Spring outdoors, I thought it best to sprucen up my indoors and enjoy Spring to its fullest!
First stop the dollar store, for some much needed wreath making supplies.

I hot glued the flowers to the wreath.  Now if you havent figured it out yet, I love my hot glue gun!!
I also happen to love my Cricut Cutter and use it any change I get.
I then hot glued this paper to the wreath which was horrible idea, but since I think I have already burnt my fingerprints off my fingers, (my hot glue gun does not seem to love me back) there was no harm done.
And tada...

And what is Spring without Easter...
I HATE clutter and this the most cluttered place in my house, but I cant bare the thought of choosing which of the pictures to take off this table, so cluttered it shall stay...
So bring on the rain, I will just enjoy Spring inside for now...

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  1. I LOVE this!! I buy so much stupid crap in the dollar section at Target just because it is bright and springy and makes my house look like I don't live somewhere dark and rainy. I can't wait to copy your wreath idea! Oh my gosh, I need a hot glue gun!! I never knew what I was missing out on!