Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Log Blog- A Flowering Nursery

As soon as we found out we were expecting, I started googling ideas for the nursery.  Oh the possibilities were endless!  Maybe we should have a carousel, or a princess castle, how about a cowboy ranch with real horses, oh how a baby would love that!!  Back to reality, and a much more real "budget" (oh how I love that word!) I came across a beautiful painting of a flowering tree. For some reason I was convinced we were having a boy, but book marked my tree anyway.  When the day came and we were told there was a "pretty, little princess" in my belly I nearly shrieked.  Oh the outfits I could I buy and the bows for her hair, and alas I could paint my beautiful flowering tree!
After our appointment I made another appointment of sorts, the one were my mom comes up for the weekend and helps me paint, dragging my dad and youngest brother in toe.
The room that I had for so long neglected after buying our house was a dark blue, so first on the to do list, find a light shade of green.
While I felt I had things under control, apparently I was oh so wrong, so dad "taught" me how to paint "better"

The room only took a couple hours and one coat.  The following morning, mom and I got up bright and early to hit Jo-Anns for some much needed tree painting supplies.  Upon, arriving home we put off free handing a dark brown tree on our beautiful, newly painted green wall.  A large sprite and a sandwich later, I built up the courage to start painting.  And was quite pleased with the result.
Next simple branches were added.
Then we used a stencil we found at Fred Meyer for $1.50 (take that budget)!!  To add some flowers
Finally I hot glued flowers, also purchased at Jo-Anns for a pop of color and 3D effect.
The nursery is no where near complete, but I have quite a feeling of accomplishment and look forward to the next few months of shopping for furniture... on a "budget"