Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby "Boy"-quet

All girls love a baby shower, and this girl is no exception... And with my own baby shower in the near future, I was even more excited to attend one this past weekend.  However, as the baby shower drew closer, I realized I never ordered a gift from the registry.  As panic set in, I decided making a gift was much more personal anyway.  A few years ago, gifting for another shower, a friend and I came across a website called Baby bunch.  They sell bouquets of fake flowers and onesies rolled to look like flowers.  Too cute and too spendy at $60 a piece, I thought, I could totally make that!!
Instead of plain white onsies like the ones online, I picked out an adorable gift set of little boys clothing.
I bought some fake flowers and had Rob find me some thin wire.
In order to roll the clothing to look like flowers, I found it easiest to fold each piece into triangles.
Then roll the triangles into "flowers"
I added leaves around my "flowers" using the wire.
Then wire the fake flowers to the clothing flowers.
And tada!!
Super easy and inexpensive!!  Lastly, I added some ribbon to cover the stems.
Happy Showering!!

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