Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Surviving with 2 under 2

Newborn stage isn't my favorite... There I said it! I just don't function well on no sleep and the crying, no matter how little or how much rattles my nerves. Terrible twos are no match compared to a newborn in my humble opinion.  That said, Beckett is a fairly easy newborn especially in comparison to Bellamie who was off the charts hard! Like crying 6 straight hours a night hard! For 6 mths! However, Bellamie is a fairly easy toddler. Sure she has her meltdowns and can destroy a room faster than a tornado, but all in all she's a good kid with a great personality! But combine these two fairly easy kiddos and its total chaos in the Harroun household! Most days it choosing between folding laundry or taking a shower and laundry usually wins!! And when Rob had to go back to work I was nervous. Like batten down the hatches we are in for a storm nervous. But after two and a half weeks on my own I've learned a few tricks. So here are my survival tips for staying at home with a toddler and a newborn.

First off, find new and fun activities for the toddler. I have always loved Pinterest and found several ideas for toddlers. We have definitely had some successes and some failures. I found the ones that work out the best are simple, sometimes messy and need to be super easy for a toddler to do. For example, playing with shaving cream great! Finger painting awesome!! Stringing cereal and pretzels on a string failure! Either she wanted "mommy do it" or she just ate the food and ran off. Short attention span people, very short attention span!  Also have lots and lots and lots of snacks.

Secondly, set small goals... Like really small! I'm talking teeny tiny goals here folks! Yesterday mine was to vacuum. Yep that's it! Just vacuum. Then if not one other thing got accomplished the whole day at least I could say, "well I vacuumed."

Third, keep the house picked up. Nothing stresses me out more than clutter!! No explanation here, no tips, just keep the house fairly organized, which probably means following a toddler around all day long but trust me worth it on the stress-less-ometer.  

Fourth, accomplish your housework early. That way if the afternoon goes to hell in hand basket, you at least got your one goal accomplished before daddy gets home.  

Fifth (yes this list is getting a little lengthy but stay with me here) go for a run, or a walk or a walk/run in my case. Ether way get of the house and use that stroller! The fresh air feels great, exercise refreshes you and newborns love the stroller! (For the most part, Bell hated it, but Bell hated everything, reference back to Bell was a hard baby)

Sixth never ever sit down! Like ever. Im kidding, kind of...If the babies sleeping spend a little quality time with the toddler, if the toddler is sleeping, clean up the disaster she created while awake. Because when they are both awake you won't get much done and you also won't get much done if one or both are crying, hungry or just need to be held.

:Last but not least, and also the most important!!!! Enjoy the little moments. Yes it's hard to enjoy your newborn when your toddler is on the flooring having meltdown and vice versa but these days will go by way too fast and you're going to miss them! No matter how chaotic they are! Happy parenting 

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