Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great great grandma Rose's Chili

A few years and two babies ago, my husband worked part time early the mornings and I worked 8 to 5. Because of our schedules often times my husband cooked us dinner. There was nothing better on a cold evening after a long day of work than coming home to the aroma of my husbands homemade chili.  It was so good I would have him make when we had friends over, (bragging of his families secret recipe), during the summer, (chili dogs anyone?) , and of course in fall and winter.
Years passed, schedules changed and more often than not I started preparing dinner. During one of my weekly grocery shopping trips I decided to try my hand at my husbands infamous chili. I called him while in the store to get the ingredients and here's how that conversation went...
Me "hey I was going to make chili tonight what do I need to get?"
Husband "I don't know look at the back of the chili packet."
Jaw drop
Me "what do you mean look at the chili packet? I want to make your great great grandmothers chili recipe"
Husband "I'm not sure what you are talking about. I just follow the recipe on the back on the chili packet"
And there you have it folks. The secret to amazilny delicious chili... Read the directions on the back off the chili packet.
I will have however let you in one little secret that is not of the back of the chili packet... Add brown sugar. Maybe not the secret recipe I envisioned handed down generation to generation but it definitely makes the chili oh so good! 

How do you prepare your chili?  Do you keep it simple or jazz it up? And what's your easy go to recipe on a weeknight?


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